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With over 25 years trading experience in Futures, Options & Forex, and a 5 year track record of educating over 5,000 Traders worldwide in the Financial Markets, we have created the Ultimate Trading Package.

We are experts in identifying potential talented traders, regardless of experience and background-image, guiding you through the journey to become a consistent trader with a fully Funded Live Trading Account.

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Expert Trader Mentorship

Be guided by our expert traders, regardless of your experience we will fast track your FX trading.
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Trade Our Capital

Start trading our capital immediately and gain consistency following a bespoke trading plan.
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Increased Trading Capital

After you progressed from our base capital trading accounts we double your account to 100k plus.
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The 4 Pillars to SUCCESSFUL Trading

Even the best strategy without the right mindset and risk management is doomed to fail. We teach the crucial aspects that other trading educators ignore, which is why so many of our students enjoy consistent trading for the long term.

Trading Capital

With the capital being made available by PROFX, you have the opportunity to take your trading to the next level by receiving funding and accelerate your earnings.

Risk Management

Strict risk management is at the core of our philosophy. With years of trading experience we incorporate the best in class risk models in our trading strategies.

Algo Strategy

The key to consistent trading is having a rule based and scalable approach to foreign exchange trading. We provide our Alpha focused proprietary trading software that can be mastered quickly.

Winning Mindset

Discipline and commitment to the trading process is essential to achieving your trading goals. We mentor our traders to actively manage their emotions and maintain confidence in applying our trading strategies and risk management.

Become our next Success Story

Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Steps to become a Funded Trader

Step 1
Apply & Start

Schedule a Skype call or meet with an Expert Trader to establish your current trading experience and understand how we can help you take your Trading to the next level.

Step 2
Learn the Strategies

Our philosophy is simplicity and precision are the key to success. Our Proprietary Trading strategies are simple to learn and easy to execute. If you already have your own strategy, we are always willing to evaluate and consider your trading methods.

Step 3
Get Funded

You will receive a Live Funded Trading Account, prove you can profit and immediatly get access to more capital. We share profits with you - we want to make you consistent!